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Master thief - Indian Jokes

India everyday news

A Master Thief in London was giving a Coaching Class on Stealing and had 
students from all over the world. The Indian happened to be a Sardar. 
After several grueling classes on Theory came the final and decisive 
class of all, a practical demo.

The master took all his pupils to a house nearby in the darkness of night
and entered that. But by mistake he overturns a vase.

Owner : Who's that?

Master: Miaooow...

The owner is satisfied and goes back to sleep. Mission accomplished.

The Sardar is very impressed. Returning to Punjab, he decides to open a 
similar class for his fellow Sardars. Does so and follows the same schedule
of theory classes.

Then he goes for the demo with his pupils. Enters the house of a rich Sardar 
in darkness, and tells the other Sardars, " These are the various steps for
stealing. You just observe. " Firstly, he goes and overturns a vase.

Owner : Koun Hai ? ( Who's that ? )

Sardar : Mai Billi . ( I am the cat.)

Owner : Oh, Billi ( Oh. Cat.) and goes back to sleep.