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The train - Indian Jokes

India everyday news

Gora-Boy was an unnaturally Gora Indian Boy. He wasn't very handsome, or good 
looking, or have a nice voice, but All the aunties loved him because Gora-Boy 
was so unbelievably Gora. 

His mother used to introduce him to all her friends proudly, and they used to 
remark on Gora's boys Gora-ness. She proudly used to say "he takes after me" 
and all the other aunties would smile and nod, and give Gora-Boy 10 pound notes
in return for pulling tightly at his cheeks. 

One day, Gora-Boy was travelling on the train with his friends to Paris. 
Sitting behind him was White-Kid, who was called Richard. Richard had dark hair,
and spoke in a funny way because his father was one quarter Indian. 

Gora-Boy sat opposite to some nice, Indian girls on the train, who naturally 
thought he was so handsome just because he was Gora, and for no other reason.
He made them laugh because he could do really good impressions of Indian Uncles.
He was especially funny when he would say Indian phrases with English words like 

"Camon Camon, Jaldee Karo!"or 

"Nai Bhai, Bullshit ho gya!" 

The Nice Girls thought that Gora-Boy was fooling around and that he had just 
learned these phrases from some Indian neighbours. That is until they saw 
Gora-Boys Passport and started screaming, when they looked at his Oh-So Indian 
name. They screamed like as if they had just seen a celebrity. They couldn't 
believe he was actually Indian! How Gora he was! How normal he was compared 
to other vain Indian Boys! What good Urdu he could speak! How could he be so
funny and charming and actually be Indian! 

How their fathers would love him! 

The Nicest of the Girls, who was very fair herself, had dark brown highlighted 
hair and was wearing green contact lenses scrawled down her number and handed 
it to Gora-Boy who smiled and just put in his pocket. Then she impulsively took
Gora-Boys arm asked Gora-Boy to walk her to the Buffet Car. All of Gora-Boys 
friends started whistling. Gora Boy (who had never really liked Indian Girls 
that much anyway) was surprised because this had never happened to him before 
outside of a club. He just politely took the hand of the Nice Girl and walked 

Richard who was positively looking to get lucky, saw what had happened with 

He walked up to he rest of the Nice Indian girls and said "I bet you can't 
believe I am Actually Anglo-Indian..."